A Taylor Fam

Family News

Living in Katy, and enjoying the small town atmosphere. It is nice being so close to friends and having wonderful neighbors. We have recently decided to try and get back to a simpler lifestyle. Really trying to focus on making God a real part of our everyday lives and not just a distant person we go chat with on Sunday! We are all working on character training, and trying to really show God's love for us in our dealing with each other. It's very hard, but we are trying, haha.


Adam's ankle is much better! It still gives him occasional problems, but he is able to play sports now (gently) and go bike riding. Other than that he is still working for J Turner Research in Houston and really enjoys his job. He works with wonderful people and it is not a long commute, and he is very blessed to have wonderful hours that gives him plenty of time at home in the evenings to spend with the family. He still enjoys playing computer games with his friends, and he also likes taking bike rides around the little old country roads left in Katy.


Kelli spends her days at home with the kids trying to juggle housework, schoolwork, and Will's trouble. She volunteers as one of the troop leaders for Abby's girl scout troop, and is very overwhelmed but having a good time! She sings in the church choir for special Holy Days throughout the year, and although the glory of her singing days is long past, using her voice for God is truly a blessing. She is interested in becoming a volunteer at the Pregnancy Help Center in Katy, and is looking into it further right now and prayerfully considering it.


Abby is such a dramatic and joyful little girl. She is really beginning to develop in her reading. She is very excited that she is a Girl Scout now. She loves to sing and dance, and really enjoys learning Scripture songs which we recently discovered on Youtube - oh the joys of  the internet! She also enjoys her homeschool bowling league team called "The Unicorns". She is very empathetic, which is what I tell her is her gift and her curse. It is such a wonderful gift she can use to bless and help others with, but is also something she must learn to control so she does not become hurt herself. She is probably the best big sister in the world. Abby quote, "Sometimes I like to just run around and think of happy things."


Will just had his first birthday! Can you believe it?! He has been walking since Thanksgiving and is really on the move and getting into EVERYTHING! He seems to take after his Daddy because he is very clumsy (Ha!). Everyday he falls multiple times, and unfortunately he hits his head more than any other part of his body. Now we know why people sell those crazy baby helmets! He can say Mamamamama, Dadadadada, Nanananana (that means no), and Thss (his version of This). We *think* he has now started saying more - "MO". He waves, claps, and points. He knows several signs which he uses to communicate, and is such a funny little man. We are trying to teach him  how to blow kisses (he is not cooperating), but at least he gives REAL kisses to a very lucky few. He loves to spin in circles and make himself dizzy and he thinks it is hilarious!